A Trendy Seminary for the Submergent Church

from BaylyBlog: Out of Our Minds

Seattle has a new graduate school rather infelicitously (or disingenuously) called Mars Hill Graduate School. The school has no connection with Mars Hill Church, also in Seattle; but more importantly, its curriculum bears no resemblance to anything that happened in the Areopagus when the Apostle Paul spoke there. Rather, it appears to be all about ceding points to the wicked culture surrounding it, and calling such cowardice and unfaithfulness to God and His Word, “transformation.”

Mars Hill Graduate School offers two degrees, a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Masters of Divinity. Here are the first few paragraphs…

of a recent profile of the school in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

SEATTLE’S TRENDY BELLTOWN has a new neighbor. Mars Hill Graduate School, on Elliott Avenue just south of Real Networks, is a seminary — a graduate school that prepares people for Christian leadership and ministry.

But Mars Hill Graduate School (which is not related to Mars Hill Church) is a different kind of seminary, and intentionally so.

A clue to that fact comes when Ron Carucci, the chief operating officer and professor of leadership, said, “It’s our belief that if you can’t read the human face, you cannot really read Scripture.” [Brilliant, Professor Carucci! BRILLIANT!]

The graduate program understands itself as putting as much emphasis on psychology and human interactions as on theology. The school lives at the interface between the two. “It’s about — we’re about — transformation,” Carucci said. “Helping people through relationships and study to become more of whom they’ve been created to be.”

Trendy neighborhood, trendy seminary, trendy gospel which is no gospel at all.

It used to be psychology was the cult of self-worship, but who needs psychology today? Bring it all into the church, call ministers who can read the human face, put as much emphasis on psychology and human interactions as you do on the Holy God and His infallible Word, and Christianity itself can be the cult of self-worship with churches and their pastors teaching us how to become even better narcissists.



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