Two: A Metaphysical Poem

Compliments and thanks to The Constructive Curmudgeon

Two fundamental and consequential metaphysical options, two cosmic narratives:

1. In the beginning (for no reason)
were the Particles,
which banged into existence without a banger,
which popped without a cause,
which exist without forethought of the ends they were to mindlessly and pointlessly achieve.

My parent was a particle.
My lord is chance/necessity, a match made by happenstance, forged by fortuity.
My life is void of meaning;
I smelt it out of nothing and hope to win the day (before all dies)…

I use big words for a small world.

A narration sans Narrator, I (i) find.

2. In the beginning was the Word (the primordial, primeval Reason)
Who brought the space-time world into existence by design,
which exists due to a Cause that had forethought to the ends it would achieve mindfully, purposely, assuredly.

My Father is God Almighty.
My Lord is Telos and significance.
I find meaning by searching for clues, cues, signs.
Life is a text with an Author, a Narrator–interpretation is hard, but real.

I hear the Narrator, even when silence reigns.
The Word speaks, though so many cover their ears.
In my beginning–the beginning–is my End.


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