The Lakeland “Revival” – Todd Bentley

If you have entertained any illusions about Todd Bentley and the so-called “revival” at Lakeland being from God, these videos should dispel them. –JB

Here’s what Erik Raymond has to say:

A Revival of Confusion & Error

I am not sure how many of you have been following the ‘revival’ reports in Florida.  Todd Bentley has been jamming in the people and many are reporting a great outpouring of God.  However, when you consider the activities and ‘ministry’ of this man you don’t have to sniff around long to realize that this is anything but blessed by God.

When people are saying that God is telling them to kick people in the face and the stomach you know something is seriously arie and they are seeking their own glory.  In fact I have it on good authority that when people speak on their own authority (at the expense of God’s) they are actually seeking their own glory (John 7.18).

There are many days in which I rub my forehead in disgust of the effects of sin and Satan in this world, today is a day in which I grow in disgust over the devestatingly demonic effect upon those within the ‘church’.  No wonder people laugh at Christians when these guys are running around under the banner of Christianity  and kicking cancer patients in the gut.  There is a day coming when the King will harken to such marauders to give an account, and on that day there will be no mistaking his voice.


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