If Christians Are Ever Going To Be Christians Again

Christopher Neiswonger writes a particularly thought-provoking post that calls the present age a time “when the Church has become the darkest of all places.”-JB

If Christians are ever going to be Christians again we need to remember that we see things other people don’t see and hear things that other people don’t hear, and live accordingly, worrying much less about whether or not everyone agrees with what we see and hear and much more about what we say and do in the limited time we have.

In the past Christians would simply protect the innocent and the weak, regardless of what the naturalistic and faithless thought about the matter. We would make laws according to the rule of ultimate good while not persecuting the ignorant because of their ignorance, but never particularly prone to be conciliatory toward people of a merely Natural mind. We would have never allowed people to strip the laws of their ordained purpose of protecting the innocent and punishing evil simply because some people can’t tell the difference between good and evil. And we would never have elected people to hold public office that we knew were faithless, because though they may use our words, they cannot understand them.

There was never a need to create a law that faithless people could not hold a public office; we were wise enough to not elect such people as the expression of our God given right to self determination in politics. Why elect someone to office that does not believe in our God given right to self determination because they recognize no God? Or something that is really just as bad, possibly worse, no God that we recognize. It’s not that we don’t recognize everyone’s right to run for office, we’ve simply forgotten our duty to not vote for them because they are opposed to our most fundamental understanding of who and what we are and what should be done in the world.

It is inherently self destructive to the Christian, their societies, their children, and their cause, to be found neutral on any matter of faith or practice, especially politics. Politics is the rule of the community, and community is part and parcel of the expression of the Christian life. As such, a Christian that is not “political” is no Christian at all, because a political life is one that expresses care and concern for the larger community. A Christian that cares only for themselves is a contradiction in terms.

We are committed, demanded, commanded, ordained to give ourselves for others in every way and at every opportunity. To abandon the community to merely Natural men and women is an act of the gravest kind of aggression against Christian love and moderation. Who will tell them right from wrong if not you? Who will guide them in the truth if not you? People that believe that the entire content of human experience and community is explicable in terms of an accidental arrangement of atoms in the void with no ultimate purpose and no meaning beyond today’s Natural lust?

How dare we forget how to be Christians and leave a world to collapse under the weight of its own tragic blindness? How would it last without the infusion of goodwill and reason attributable only to the insight of a Spiritually informed people? Every corner would inevitably descend into the madness of Hitler, and Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, and Alexander. There would be no measurement of evil but the power of one man’s arm against another. The pedophile would become the norm again as he was in ancient Greece, and as he is becoming virtually in the West as sexual purity is explained away as the dying traces of a once robust Christianity. The King would become again an agent of innovative laws according to the dictates of his own unquestionable will. Half the population would be slaves, the other half wolves of varying descriptions. Women would be bought and sold as chattel because there is no naturalistic way to justify the rights of women. There is no Naturalistic way to justify any rights for anyone. It takes the insights of a Spiritually informed person to see the right and wrong that provide the philosophical capital for “Rights”.

We have no right to abandon that post, and more than that, a duty, a righteous charge to fulfill in this present dark age when the Church has become the darkest of all places.

Christopher Neiswonger


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