Grace to Suffer

from Persecution Blog 

  Upon hearing about persecuted believers around the world, Christians living in the West often say that they would not be sure if they could go through persecution and suffering for their faith and persevere. Enduring suffering for righteousness, however, is not dependent upon one’s courage or strength.

There is an important catch, however; you and I are likely to respond to persecution in a manner consistent with how we are living out our Christian life today. If we are currently walking in faith and responding to God’s grace, we can be assured of God’s presence and grace if and when we are called to suffer for his sake. If we are walking in compromise and lukewarmness before the Lord, however, then we are also likely to deny him in the time of testing. Obedience is the result of practice built through responding to God’s grace in our daily life.

-Glenn Penner and Bernie Daniel


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