Back to ‘The Shack’

Some time ago I posted what I said would be my last post on The Shack. I “recant.” Since then I have read some outstanding posts on the book – so beginning tomorrow, I will post a series of three articles on “The Shack and Universal Reconciliation. On the fourth day I will post one that quotes an article entitled “We Need More Time In the Shack.” It would be worth your time to read the entire article, for which there is a link in the post.

The author of “We Need More Time In the Shack” does a superb analysis of why The Shack has had such an appeal to Christians. His conclusion is accurate and indicting. His conclusion is that we should spend more time, not in William Paul Young’s shack, but in the “shack” where God reveals Himself to us – the Bible.~JB


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