By Schism Rent Asunder, By Heresy Oppressed….

By David & Tim Bayly on Preaching

LittleOne (Tim: This by Mark Chambers, although not the title. Incidentally, yesterday I received an e-mail from a longtime member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan who estimated the number of Redeemer’s members who voted for Barack Obama was fifty percent.)

There is nothing particularly unusual about the picture above; nothing fantastic or different. It is just the result and remains of the  typical abortion;  a bit of messy refuse to be discarded after the useful cells have been harvested. At least it is not an entire waste, we can be thankful for that after all.

The decapitation is interesting. The heads of fetuses, being too large for the vacuum tube must be pulverized to facilitate removal. Similar to certain seed pods that find their way into my garage that are too large for the shop vac I must take steps to reduce the size of them in order to suck them up. I find that stepping on them works quite well, and it is only a minor annoyance. Not nearly so complicated as finding the obstacle via ultrasound in order to crush it with forceps. But doctors are adept at accomplishing the difficult and we must salute them…

What admirable skills they have. How kind they are to minimize the trauma to the poor woman. This growth has caused enough pain already and there is no reason to make such inconveniences worse than they need be. Quick, easy and painless is the key here. One should not be punished for forgetting condoms or being carried away in the heat of the moment. Who can control such things? Careers must not be affected. Plans shouldn’t have to be changed. Lives must not be put on hold. We must help the poor victims if even they are victims of their own improprieties.

And so we praise men like Barak Obama who understand such things and help make these acts of kindness possible.  Let us extend to him the right hand of fellowship and call him brother. And let us cease our unreasonable and reprehensible criticisms of those Christians who are able to see beyond such trivial things to look toward the important issues of coal and ice caps and banks and homophobia. Anything else would be uncivilized.

O beautiful for spacious skies…


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