Constantly Nourished by the Word of God – Paul Washer


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  1. as a 58yr,old man, I have been with the Lord for 34 years, just today at church, a 36 year old man, stated he has hard time reading his Bible, he stated he reads for few days than stop for a long period of time. I told him he hasn’t found the true treasure of the kingdom of God { matt 13: 44} In todays generation they want everything handed to them, instead of searching for the hidden treasure. people want to totally breast feed off the pastor, or Bible leaders, whom had taken the time to study the treasure of the Word.I advised him he will never truly get to know the lord lest he reads and study the scriptures to understand the attributes of Gods nature. I said to him, how are going to Love someone you know nothing about them. I told him that no-one can find the treasure for him, he has to hunt & search for himself, if he can’t see the value of the word for himself he will never see the worth of the treasure.


  2. Posted by sheepfodder on November 22, 2008 at 10:21 am

    I agree that he “hasn’t found the true treasure of the kingdom of God” and also that there is far too much tendency today to expect the pastor or someone else to do the work of searching out the treasure. However, I am also aware that until someone is truly a believer, he is probably not going to be able to read the Bible with any understanding. It takes the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Scriptures. sjb


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