Stephen Altrogge has some thoughts re Bible reading that are well worth considering:

Several weeks ago I heard someone make the following simple, profound comment:

Christians need to have their minds disinfected every day.

At first this comment sounds somewhat ominous. Disinfected every day? You mean like Big Brother? 1984? Propaganda? Go back to your robots Mr. Thought Police, because I don’t want to have my mind disinfected!

But take a moment to pause and ponder. The truth is, we do need to have our minds spiritually disinfected every day. Each day several things are certain:

  • I’ll be tempted to think “hard thoughts” of God instead of gospel thoughts. My default M.O. is legalism. Trying to earn God’s favor. Fearing the loss of God’s favor when I sin. Doubting the compassion of God. Failing to see the mercy of God in every circumstance.
  • I’ll be tempted to evaluate circumstance based upon my feelings rather than God’s word. Trouble at work with an impossible boss? There’s no good coming from this situation and I need another job. Conflict with your spouse? I’ll never change and there’s no hope for my marriage. Struggling with an overwhelming workload? I hate my life and I hate school.

Let me put this in Biblical terms. In Romans 12:2 Paul says:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (emphasis mine)

If I don’t regularly renew my mind with the truth of God’s word, I’ll perpetually operate from one of these mindsets. If I don’t use the gospel to kill hard thoughts of God I’ll wallow in legalism. If I don’t interpret my circumstances through the lens of scripture I’ll miss God’s perspective and be a miserable mess.

Simple application questions:

  • Do you renew your mind on a regular basis by reading, meditating upon, and memorizing the word of God?
  • Do you regularly revisit the gospel?

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