Thanks to Against Heresies for this post.

I have the privilege this evening of speaking at Aberystwyth University Christian Union. They have asked me to speak on “Knowing God: Holy One.”

In my preparation I came across this helpful comment by R. A. Finlayson:

The great implication of holiness in the personal life is sin-consciousness, and where there is little sin-consciousness there is little conception of the holiness of God. The holiness of God becomes significant to us only when it reveals our own sinfulness in relation to God.

Sin is a wilful act of trespass on a holy God, and penitence results in self-loathing before God and a desire, not to escape from the holiness of God, but to accept it, to open up the life to its scrutiny, and receive its just judgment. Thus comes the repentance that leads, not to despair and death, but to hope and life.

If God is holy, there is still hope that the sinner may be holy; if a holy God is dealing with our sin we shall be holy.


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  1. Only when we allow Christ to deal with our sin can we become the kind of ‘new humanity’ that can reflect God’s healing image for the sake of our broken world. Good quote!


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